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These snacks really taste homemade, and the flavors are so interesting! Guilt-free snacking!

Jerk flavor

Tried only the Jerk so far and loving it, thanks

Wonderful snack and equally wonderful project

Loved the home made feel and taste and equally moved on the story behind the snack. Keep it up and you have our support!

Rishi Snacks 7oz 3 Pack
Jas Katariya MD

Rishi Snacks 7oz 3 Pack

Loved it !!

Great Product

Loved This Product Worth Every Penny.

Took me to my grandma’s kitchen!

We got the jalapeño and the original, It is the closest to homemade I have eaten! Truly light and delicious and just like what my grandma made when for me when I was kid! I wish these were available in local stores here in NC.

Rishi Snacks 15oz 2 Pack
Jas Katariya MD
Delicious Scrumptious Snacks

The chidwa was fantastic! Amazing flavors from top quality ingredients. Great packing material allowing the snacks to taste super fresh! Loved them as did my sons- ready for next order!!

Awesome Snacks

Would love to see a love to see a less oil version but that is very hard with a chevro type snack. Jalepeno is my favorite.

Rishi Snacks 7oz 3 Pack
Marilyn Barnes
Delicious and Sooo Fresh!

So impressed with the absolute freshness of Rishi snacks! It honestly tasted so crunchy like it was just made the day I opened the package. Excellent product! Try it and expect to enjoy every last crumb!

Excellent snack, bursting with flavor!

We purchased Rishi Snacks a few weeks back and by the end of the first week, both 15 oz bags were almost gone! A very addicting snack with lots of flavor! We will definitely be purchasing more and highly recommend Rishi to all our family and friends! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


All flavors are outstanding and delicious. Shipping was fast and packaged well. Highly recommend

Rishi Snacks 7oz 3 Pack
Betty Zwierankin
Rishi Snacks

I ordered the 3 pack snacks and absolutely loved them! All the flavors were delicious and unique. My favorite flavor is the Kale Cranberry. I have tried many Indian snacks and Rishi Snacks are by far the best tasting I have ever had. I will definitely order more!


Flavorful, crunchy and delightfully different snacks! Thank you Rishi Snack makers!🫶🏼

Tastes soooo good! Warning it’s addictive.

Loved them!

Very tasty, not expensive, and a great cause!

Rishi Snacks 7oz 3 Pack

Too many leaves. Otherwise great flavor.

Absolutely delicious!!

These snacks have been my introduction to Indian snacks, and I am hooked for life!!!! They are the most addictive and delicious things!! Cannot wait to keep ordering more and more!!

Rishi Snacks 7oz 3 Pack

Tasty treats for a good cause

A co worker of my wife's gave her a bag and we enjoyed them so much we got a 3 pack.

Delicious Snacks

Rishi Snacks are a delicious and convenient snack that is perfect for anyone who loves Indian flavors. With its unique blend of spices and crispy texture, Rishi Snacks are sure to become a favorite among snack lovers. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Super yummy!

I am the Shop Manager at Moji Coffee + More, and we recently began selling Rishi snacks because its a big part of our mission to support entrepenuers that have differing abilities! We are a non profit that employs people from the IDD community, and everyone is very excited to carry these new products :) we have a regular who is a Bengali woman, and she has bought and recomended the Rishi snacks. We sold out in the span of a week with our previous order, so theyre selling great! We got to sample a bit of each flavor before carrying them and I absolutely loved them all! Go Rishi!!!

Great tasting snacks. I would buy again!

Great tasting snacks!!