What are Rishi Snacks?

Elevate your snacking experience enjoying our traditional Indian snacks with a modern
twist. Our signature dish, Chevda, is a delicious savory combination of potato, corn crisps,
rice crisps, nuts, chickpeas, peas, fennel, curry leaves, turmeric, kale, dried
fruit, and Indian spices. This versatile snack complements soups, salads, and
sandwiches, or can be enjoyed on its own. 

  • Mix and Match 7oz and 15oz Bundle

    Select a perfect mix of 3 to 5 items, available in 7oz or 15oz options, to create your ideal bundle. Enjoy the freedom to customize to your liking!

    Prices vary from $29.97-94.95

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  • 40-pack Bundle 2oz

    Design your ideal 40-pack bundle with 2oz selections from our five distinct flavors, including our nut-free options. Perfect for variety lovers and tailored to your tastes!

    Price: $99.60

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  • Turmeric

    Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help with digestion. It's been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as a digestive healing agent.

  • Fennel Seeds

    Are rich in antioxidants and can help with digestion and bloating by relaxing muscles, stimulating bile flow, and improving blood circulation to the digestive tract.

  • Asafoetida

    Contains antioxidants that may help protect against chronic
    inflammation, heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

  • Kashmiri Chili

    Is rich in iron, vitamins A, B6, and C, which can improve immunity.